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  • Credit card

We have the following payment methods: Visa , Visa Electron, Mastercard , American Express, Pay Pal and 6000 . Payment service by credit card is provided directly by Banco Santander SSL encrypted form . For payment by Visa and Mastercard transactions only CES ( Secure Electronic Commerce ) will be accepted. And after verifying that the card is attached to CES , our system will contact the card -issuing bank for the buyer to authorize the purchase . When the bank confirms the authenticity of the card, the debit will be in it. Otherwise the order will be canceled .

If you want any clarification or query: +34 962 780 143


The PayPal payment method does not require you to provide additional information. Clicking this payment method you will be redirected to the PayPal website where you can complete your purchase.

Bank transfer / bank transfer

Selecting form of payment bank transfer, in the last step of the purchase you will get confirmation of your order, which will also indicate the number of account in the name of agricultural machinery Juan Pla de la Caixa Popular entity which make the bank transfer .
It is very important to indicate in the transference "concept Order No. xxxx" as well as its name, and make the transfer within three business days from the day you placed the order to validate it. Until we receive the amount of your purchase, shall not be taken as confirmation of the order and therefore will not be processed
In the case of any exchange fees and banking, these are borne by the client to opt for this payment system. Account number: 0049 - 3481- 34-2494154063 CAIXA POPULAR


Payment is made ​​in cash at the time of order delivery to the carrier , in euros and accepting only cash amounts , failing to make payment by other means.
PAYMENT IS ONLY VALID FOR SPAIN PENINSULA . This method of payment has a surcharge of 5% of the purchase value of the product cost (the 3% is the amount that the company transportespercibe for handling cash) . When requesting an order COD contract between the client and Maquinaria agrícola Juan Pla is constituted.
In the event of refusal in the collection of the package, the customer will be forced to bear the costs of shipping both outward and return as well as product handling costs .
If the customer refuses to pay these costs , Maquinaria agrícola Juan Pla reserves the right to take appropriate legal action .

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